Wednesday, 30 November 2011

[TechRepublic] Facebook after Australian consultants

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TechRepublic Australia Wrapper

TechRepublic Member | November 30, 2011

Editor's note
Local news in this week's Wrapper consists of Facebook looking for a few good consultants and the Rusty Wrench returns to For web fiends, we have articles on CSS3 gradients, new JavaScript decoding libraries and take a first look at Google Dart.

Linux Australia's Rusty Wrench award returns

After an absence of four years, Linux Australia's award for outstanding service to the FOSS community is back. Read more

Resource of the day

5 Tips for Choosing a Mobile Printer

Your printer can be a real jerk. Thanks to new, mobile printers, problems can happen anywhere. This white paper explains the different options out there for mobile printers and how to pick the right one.

Around the Grounds: Facebook wants Aussie consultants, Kinect for Windows

The social-networking giant is after Australian candidates to be selected to its Preferred Developer Consultant Program, and we add in a bit of Friday lightheartedness. Read more

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Decoding VP8 and H.264 video with JavaScript

A couple of new JavaScript libraries show a different way to route around the codec bickering for online video playback in HTML5. Read more

10 things to love about Windows 8

After spending a couple of months kicking the tires on the Windows 8 Developer Preview, Justin James can cite a number of promising features and positive changes. Read more

Use Synergy for smarter desktop sharing

VNC is great for remote desktops when the VNC server is actually in another location. But when you are desktop sharing between machines sitting on the same desk, there is a smarter way to do things -- Synergy, a software KVM switch. Read more

How to make your own GNOME terminals

Marco Fioretti shows you how to create GNOME terminals that are customized to your needs and highly portable. Read more

CSS3 examples: Linear and radial gradients

Ryan Boudreaux goes more in-depth on working with the CSS3 code for creating different kinds of gradients. Here, he illustrates linear and radial gradients with code samples. Read more

10 ways to destroy your reputation

If you aren't careful about protecting your reputation, you may find yourself doing damage control for the rest of your career. Read more

Getting started with Google Dart

Justin James creates a sample Dart application to illustrate how the new Google language works as a beta version. Read more

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