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[TechRepublic] Planning for rate increases in your IT consultancy

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IT Consultant

TechRepublic Member | December 05, 2011

Planning for rate increases in your IT consultancy

How do you insure that your IT consultancy's rate increases happen on a reasonable schedule? Chip Camden answers that question. Read more

Resource of the day

Remote support for PCs, Macs and Smartphones

You need the ability to support users on today's most popular platforms -- including iPhones and iPads. LogMeIn Rescue can help. Test drive LogMeIn Rescue for free and start providing complete on-demand remote support to customers and colleagues.

Red flags that your consulting engagement is in trouble

Brad Egeland encourages IT consultants to watch for these four warning signs during their engagements so they have a better shot of preventing project failures. Read more

Free project collaboration tools that rock

Andrew Makar explains why these three project collaboration tools are worth a look: Cohuman, Asana, and Trello. Read more

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Five dangerous and often overlooked IT security risks

Bill Detwiler reveals five common security risks all organizations have and that many IT pros overlook. Read more

Apps of the month (November 2011): Master project management

Scott Lowe highlights three useful apps: Project Management Training, iStudy P2 Project Management Foundation Exam - 220 Questions, and PMP. Read more

Next Generation Firewalls: It's all about tuples

Next-generation firewalls have been around for several years, but garnered little interest. That's changing as first-generation firewalls aren't keeping up. Read more

10 ways IT pros approach a problem

Forget the fancy problem-solving methodologies you learned in school. Here's how IT pros solve problems in the real world. Read more

10 ways to destroy your reputation

If you aren't careful about protecting your reputation, you may find yourself doing damage control for the rest of your career. Read more

10 Things Call for Feedback: What's your most memorable holiday-busting IT crisis?

For many IT pros, time off is hard to come by -- and it's often ruined by work emergencies. Share your worst (or most ridiculous) vacation experience. Read more

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Open source projects that deserve your donation

People who enjoy open-source software often forget that most of the developers behind the code are working in their own time and at their own expense. View on site

Top tools for meeting the SEO challenge

The success of your Web site may be hanging by an SEO thread. Here are some tools for making sure your SEO efforts pay off. View on site

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Live Webcast: Social CRM + Productivity = Growth

Check out this webcast to learn how CRM tools from Microsoft can help you reach out to your customers and stay connected with them.

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Taking Voice to the Next Level (CDW)

VoIP and Beyond: UC's Productivity Promise (CDW)

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How to get paid on time

10 ways to make sure your clients pay you

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